Bargains to Buy in the Fall

What you need to know to retire as a millionaire

Summer is over, Christmas shopping season is looming and real bargains abound in the Fall of the year. If you have any money left over after Back-to-School purchases or college tuition payments then the Fall is a great time to buy for several items from large to small.

A Quick Guide to Fall Shopping

  1. The pool maybe closed but think ahead to Spring Break and you’ll find that Autumn is a great time to get great deals on swimsuits.
  2. Fall savings on grillsI don’t know about you but I don’t shut down my grill when summer ends but now’s the best time to trade in your older model Weber for a brand new barbeque grill.
  3. Wouldn’t it be nice at the start of next year’s lawn mowing season if your lawn mower started on the first pull? It will if you take advantage of Fall savings and replace that old clunker with a new mower. Not only will your grass appreciate a sharp blade but your back will appreciate an easy starting lawn machine.
  4. Oh, and why don’t you plan on toasting your bargain savvy shopping with a crisp glass of chardonnay. Fall can be a particularly good time to restock your wine rack with Fall
    Healthy Food Choices

    Healthy Fall Savings on Healthy Food

    harvest and Fall wine bargains in full swing.

  5. Speaking of Fall harvest, a plethora of fruits and veggies are ripe for the picking at low seasonal prices. How about fresh pears, oranges, cranberries, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and spinach to name a few garden fresh delectables.
  6. You’ll also achieve some above average deals when you buy cookware in the Fall. Shiny new pots and pans to saute those mushrooms and boil the spinach are just the thing to accentuate all those fresh flavors.
  7. No need to wait for Black Friday to start your Christmas shopping. You can realize big savings on toys and clothing – and avoid the Xmas rush – when you keep an eye on Fall through early November bargains.
  8. Two big purchases close out our savings bonanza. You probably realize that the best time to buy that new car is in the Fall. Dealers are keen to move this year’s inventory and stock their lots with next year’s model. This can translate to generous terms and big savings to go with that improved gas mileage. You can realize the biggest savings of all if you wait until Fall to purchase a new home. Buyers tend to be more realistic in the Fall and inventories generally trend lower. So if you’re looking to upgrade your address, now’s the time to start looking.

The lesson for Fall? Smart shoppers shop now if they really want to enjoy big savings on purchases small to large!

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